• Dancers are expected to attend classes regularly.

  • Dancers are expected to arrive 10 minutes before class begins so they are ready to participate in the warm-up at the beginning of every class.

  • Dancers are expected to wear appropriate clothing for the class they are attending. See Dance Attire. No jewelry should be worn to dance class.

Classroom Etiquette

  • Dancers are expected to treat fellow dancers, parents and all CSSOD staff with respect.
  • Dancers are encouraged to work as a team and to establish friendship with fellow dancers.
  • Dancers are expected to treat the studio and its belonging with care and respect.
  • Cell phones are not permitted in the dance classroom.


  • We ask parents to regular check email and website for any news and updates.
  • Please inform us if there is a change of address, phone number or email.
  • Parents are expected to monitor young children while in the lobby.
  • Parents are not permitted to enter class while in session.
  • No refunds on costume deposits after Nov 15.
  • If you choose to withdraw from the program, written notice must be given to the studio 1 month prior.
  • Parents should inform studio of child’s absence.
  • Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Artistic Director, Liz Haupert. Click here to contact Liz.